Corporate Governance

Ganellen operates an integrated management system covering Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment, and Industrial Relations. Systems are regularly reviewed and audited both internally and externally to ensure system compliance and to identify areas of continuous improvement in the delivery of our services.

Ganellen is accredited with the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner and as a “Best Practice Contractor” with the NSW Government, which demonstrates that our policies, systems, and procedures have been developed and implemented to the demanding levels required by Government clients. The implementation of systems to “Best Practice Contractor” level has led to superior levels of performance across all Ganellen’s projects and overall business.

Ganellen and its suppliers, subcontractors and consultants comply with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry and the NSW Government Code of Practice for Procurement.

Externally accredited systems include:

  • Quality Management - AS/NZS ISO 9001-2015

  • Occupational Health & Safety – AS/NZS 4801-2001

  • Environmental Management – AS/NZS ISO 14001-2015

  • Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner – (FSC)

In addition to the above we operate the following internal systems on all our projects:

  • Project Commencement Workshop

  • Job Plan

  • Project Control Group Report (Monthly)

  • OH&S Plan

  • Monthly Cost Report and Construction Progress Reviews

  • Environmental Management Plan

  • Waste Minimisation Plan

  • Project Completion Workshop

These framework procedures ensure that the time, cost, quality and safety requirements on each of our projects is met and exceeded.

Ganellen Quality Policy

Ganellen Work Health and Safety Policy

Ganellen Environmental Policy